This pump is an improved & VLOM ( Village Level Operation & Maintainence ) version of the India Mark III. Mark 3 has many common components with mark 2. The main differences are :

1. Riser Pipe. Mark 3 uses riser pipe of 65mm Nominal Boreas compared to 32 mm in Mark 2. Therefore the cost of riser pipes is twice in Mark3.

2. Cylinder Assembly. This assembly is totally different from mark 2 . The bottom cap is to suit the check valve and top cap is to facilitate extraction of the plunger and check valve assemblies for repairs without lifting the riser main.

This pump is suitable for a depth of upto 50 meters..

India Mark 2 or India Mark 3 ?

Many buyers have a hard time deciding between the Mark 2 and Mark 3 pumps. While the Mark 2 Pumps has been around for ages and is used in almost every corner of the world, the VLOM advantage in Mark 3 means that every time the cylinder components need replacement or maintenance , only the valve assemblies can be pulled out without taking out the riser mains. In many villages where the resources are scarce, this can often mean the difference between the pump working and or being broken down for a long time.
At the same time, the cost of riser pipes is nearly double in Mark 3. So is this cost justified? We feel that in the end this choice must be made by factors such as availability of funds for the purchase and the comfort level of the community who will ultimately be responsible for maintaining and operating the pump.


• The above-ground mechanism is fabricated from welded steel plates and sections for strength, and hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistance.
• A chain and quadrant mechanism of the pump handle provides easy and accurate alignment of the connecting rod.
• The handle bar has a high mechanical advantage and is designed to counter balance the weight of the connecting rods to reduce the pumping effort required by the user.
• A unique pivot assembly (sealed ball bearings for the handle on a stainless steel axle) adds to the ease of operation and lower maintenance needs.
• 125 mm stroke length of the handle provides a water discharge of 17 liters per minute per 40 strokes with the cylinder installed in the range of the 15 m to 45 m below-ground level.
• The water tank assembly has an appropriate coupler to suit 32 mm NB medium class galvanized iron (Gl) riser pipes or µPVC pipes.
• Riser pipes are comprised of locally available standard 32 mm NB Gl pipes. Other options such as upvc, HDPE & FGP are also available.
• Connecting rods are of cold drawn bright steel bar with threaded and couplers and are electro-galvanized against corrosion. Alternatively stainless steel rods or FGP rods are also available for better performance.
• The cylinder is made from a cast iron casing with a polished brass liner and gun metal plunger and check valve components. Seals (pump buckets, valve seals and cap seals) are available in environmentally safe nit rile rubber. Other options include stainless steel, brass and µPVC. The cylinder is adaptable for use with Universal Cylinder components.
• With minor modifications this pump can be easily adapted for shallow wells, windmills and motorized operations.

DUTY: Suitable for use in bore wells having a static water level ranging from 12 meters to 33 meters.

STROKE LENGTH: 125±4 mm.

DISCHARGE: 17 liters per minute for 40 strokes.


A. HEAD ASSEMBLY: side plate, back plate, front end top and bottom end plates are made from 4 mm thick MS plates. The bottom flange is made from 6 mm thick MS plate.

B. HANDLE: Made from 32 mm square MS bar. Length of handle is 1170 mm.

C. CHAIN ASSEMBLY: 7 Pitch Chain Assembly welded with M12 Internal Threaded Coupler.

D. COVER: Made from 2 mm CR Sheet.

E. WATER CHAMBER: Top and bottom flanges are made from 6 mm thick MS plates. Pipe used is 150 mm NB medium class pipe. The riser pipe holder is made from solid bars to hold 32 mm riser pipes.

F. STAND: The stand flange is made from 6 mm thick MS plate. The pipe used is 150 mm medium 'B' class pipe. The angles are 40 X 40 X 6 mm.

G. CONNECTING ROD: 12 mm dia. MS bright rod / FGR rod in 3 meter length welded with coupler and half coupler electro-galvanized.

H. CYLINDER: 63.5 MM ID. Cast Iron cylinder with brass liner and cast iron caps of 32 mm thread with two nitride rubber cup washer (leather) and plunger rod. Option for PVC Cylinder

RISER PIPE: 32 mm Nominal Bore Galvanized Iron Pipes of Medium Class / FGP Pipes.