India Mark 2 Complete Pump
Head Assembly
Water Chamber
India Mark 2 Cylinder Asembly
Connecting Rods
615 Telescopic Imdia Mark 2
Difference between 615 and
690 Telescopic
615 Normal Stand
Indai Mark 2
Diff between Telescopic 615 & 690
Normal 690 and 615
690 Normal
690 Telescopic
Head Welded Box
Water Chamber
Head Welded Cover
Handel Assembly
Chain With Cuppling
Cylinder Cap
R S Big
R S Small
Plunger Valve Assembly With
12MM Plunger Rod
Check Valve Assembly
Plunger Valve Assembly
Check Valve Sheet
SS Axel ( Stainless Steel )
Rubber Sheet Retainer
G M Specer
Cylinder Body With Liner
Discharge Unit
Fittment Of Cylinder Assembly
With 3 Meter GI Pipe